Prof. G.'s
Mindfulness/Anchoring Course

Empty Your Cup

The Learned Professor came to the house of the Zen Master to ask to learn Zen.

"You are very welcome," said the Master, inviting the Learned Professor in for tea. They sat on cushions facing each other.

Preparing to make tea, the Master set a pot of water on the charcoal brazier on the floor in front of him, while the Learned Professor told of the many books he had read about Zen.

The water having boiled, the Master made tea while the Learned Professor told of all the insights about Zen he had gleaned from talking to other great scholars.

The tea made, the Learned Professor held up his cup and continued to talk about Zen.

The Master poured tea into the Learned Professor's cup. And he and poured...and poured...and poured, until tea was spilling over the top of the cup and cascading onto the floor.

"What are you doing?" cried the Learned Professor. "The cup is full. No more will go in!"

"Your mind is like the cup," said the Master. "How can you expect to learn unless you first empty your cup?"

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