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Mindfulness/Anchoring Course

About the Course

This course is facilitated by Eric Golanty, Ph.D., professor emeritus of health and wellness at Las Positas College and co-author, with Gordon Edlin, Ph.D., of the college text, Health and Wellness, which is used in many colleges and universities all over North America.

Dr. Golanty has taught Mindfulness/Anchoring in-person and online to adult college students for about 20 years and practiced it in his own life for many more years than that. He created this program to pass on to others what he has found to be a healthful practice. The class is free of charge to follow in the long tradition of passing on the teachings to anyone who is willing to learn them. Dr. Golanty's teachers include Richard Alpert (Ram Das), James Baraz, Howard Cohn, Gordon Edlin, Jack Kornfield, Jim Polidora, Charlie Tart, and Mel Weitsman.


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