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Health and Wellness (with Gordon Edlin)...a college text, 12th edition (2015)

Physician's Guide to the Internet...a web site for doctors

Andy Messersmith...brief biography for the Society for American Baseball Research (2015)

First Aid for Sports Injuries (with Stanley Inkelis) ...handbook and mobile app (2015)

Ahead of Their Time...a children’s book book about the 1951 University of San Francisco Dons football team. (2012)

Human Sexuality: The Basics (with Gordon Edlin)...a college text (2012)

The Dog Who Rode the Subway...a story for children and dog lovers of all ages. (2015)

Solar Electricity for online book (2012)

Sourcebook for Human Development text for human sexuality courses (1990-1993)

Marriage and Family Life (with Barbara Harris)...a college text (1982)

Human Reproduction...a college text (1975)

How to Prevent and Help Heal Running and Other Sports Injuries (1979).

"The Healthy U."...editor and publisher of student health quarterly at UC Davis. 1990-1992

"Dear Penelope." of a newspaper advice column on close relationships, published weekly in the UC Davis campus newspaper, 1985-1990

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